Poldoore (BE)

With a unique musical approach that mixes dozens of tiny samples and live instrumentation into a dynamic blend that sits somewhere between moody laid-back and swirling upbeat, Belgium-based producer/DJ Poldoore has quietly established himself as a mainstay in the international beat scene. His lush productions have earned him over 45 million streams on Spotify and lead to remix work for established artists such as Hermitude, Emancipator, Wax Tailor, Declaime and Selah Sue. His first album – 2013’s “The Day Off” – was released via US-based label Cold Busted and rose to be the Beatport’s #1 album in both the Funk/Soul and Reggae/Dub charts in a matter of days. His subsequent albums, “The Day After” and “Mosaic” developed his production skills and won him fans across the globe, playing high-profile gigs in venues around Europe and the US. His follow-up album ‘The Day After’ saw the daylight in 2016, enjoying similar success and confirming Poldoore’s organic, contagious sound. Since then, he has crafted several singles for international labels (Chinese Man Records, Nowadays Records, LowTemp, Darker Than Wax,…), a handful of EP’s and numerous remixes for established artists including Talib Kweli, Gramatik, Selah Sue, Wax Tailor and Declaime. Next to that he also composed the soundtrack for The Journey, a crowd-sourced nature shortfilm by Sony, in close collaboration with award-winning director and videographer Mateo Willis (Frozen Planet, Planet Earth). As a DJ, Poldoore can be best described as a carefree selector, switching effortlessly between the many influences that are fused together in his productions: from upbeat funk, soul and disco back to hiphop, reggae and jazz.