Waï Faï Spirit (BE / SN / FR)

Waï Faï Spirit was born from an Encounter of the Third Kind. Ibaaku is a sonic poet from a futuristic universe. A.L.F is a DJ/ Producer and synthetic music crafter. BenRichard is a cosmic visual jockey. They gather together to invoke the “Spirit of Wifi”. The trio celebrates through music and imagines a multi-cultural vision of the future, of which ultra-connectivity is the lever. They are moved by a desire to use the heritage of the past together with textures from the present, to create a musical quintessence of hybrid styles: a dialog between alternative cultures, fusing technologies, and generations of techniques. Accents of Afrobeat, Electro, Jazz, Vaporwave, Hip-Hop’s bouncing feel and echoes of Soul and Psy Pop… added to Ibaaku’s sweet voice open the gates of a universe where the insane is essence. In a mixture of Wolof, English and French, words are invented in the mouth and on the beat, hybrid and beatnik with a vocoder, jolts of soul and love. After years of commitment in their respective musical communities, rather alternative, the trio is aiming for a more danceable, accessible sound with Waï Faï Spirit. A sound with a thousand aspects like a Disco Ball, a sound to bring people together. Their first EP : « Onym » was out on October 25th on all digital platforms !