Full Colorz Agency, based in Liège, Belgium, was founded in October 2017 by music lovers who are dedicated to help artists achieve the success they deserve. Our goal is to ensure that our artists receive the best possible opportunities.

To achieve this, we believe in building positive relationships with partners and promoters in Belgium and abroad.

Initially, Full Colorz is a concept founded in May 2013, that organizes parties and shows in Liège. Through these events, the founder, Audrey Di Troia, hosted a great number of djs, beatmakers and producers, such as Lefto, Grems, Fulgeance, Herrmutt Lobby, SupAfly Collective, Submerse, Chief, Kidkanevil, Up High Collective, DJ Grazzhoppa, Clap Clap, STUFF., Mndsgn, Suff Daddy, DJ Odilon, etc.

Our desire is to combine these two poles and become a booking agency that offers multiple types of services.

Come chat with us : contact@fullcolorzagency.be