Antoine De Schuyter (BE)

Antoine De Schuyter is a Brussels based electronic music producer whose creative journey is deeply rooted in visual arts.

With a background as an audiovisual artist and VJ, collaborating with artists such as Le Motel, Kangding Ray, Plaid, Venetian Snares, and many others, De Schuyter seamlessly transitioned into music production, fusing his visual and musical skills to craft immersive sonic experiences. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, his compositions evoke vast and emotive landscapes, inviting listeners on a deep journey of sounds and textures. 

Exploring a diverse array of genres including IDM, ambient, field recordings, drone, and experimental music, De Schuyter’s music is a testament to his eclectic influences.

Antoine De Schuyter’s live shows aim to provide audiences with a complete and immersive experience, where they feel as though they have journeyed both spatially and emotionally.

Antoine De Schuyter released his debut album “Procession” in June 2023 and is currently in the midst of creating a forthcoming release.