Baddest (CI)

Dj based in the creative capital of Ivory Coast, she develops her arts around African Music (Amapiano, Afrobeats, Baile…). She has also created her own collective Tribe, that has been bouncing the Abidjan nights for more than 2 years. 

Unconventional, disrupting, rad and queer friendly can better discribe the vibe of these events. The aim is also to introduce people to new sounds and bring together the West-African youth. So many values that can be found in the sets of this music savvy ! A very prolific DJ, she has headlined several festivals, but also hosted radio shows and is currently in residence in various clubs of the city.

Guess what ? We are sure that you need Baddest, the badass Dj of West-african scene for your next show. She will be soon liting the dancefloor of Nuits Sonores, biggest electronic music festival in France back to back with their friend and partner at Tribe, Moone ! Stay tuned, it will make noise !