K.O.G (UK) – Heavenly Sweetness

Kweku Sackey aka K.O.G (Kweku of Ghana) is a multi-dimensional creative force, combining exquisite writing skills with shamanistic live performance, fierce raps, perfectly on pitch singing across a massive vocal range and some absolutely wicked dance moves. Not to mention his skills as a percussionist, arranger, bandleader and art director.
Rightly celebrated for exhilarating live performances that can transform the energy of any audience, he is a true poet and storyteller, using a mix of English, Pidgin and Ga to paint sonic pictures that reach deep into the souls of everyone ready to listen.
Born in Accra, Ghana, to a physicist father who had studied in England, and his mother a Nurse, he grew up with a diverse range of international influences alongside Ghanaian styles.
Resident for over 10 years in Sheffield, UK, music has taken him to perform in 15 countries at huge stages all over the world, from Glastonbury’s legendary West Holts stage to Fusion (Germany), Sauti Za Busara (Zanzibar), Kabardock (Reunion) and the Commonwealth Games (Gold Cost, Australia), winning the 2018 Young Commonwealth Performer and performing for Nelson Mandela’s family.
Kweku is deeply aware of his heritage and of his role as an ambassador both through space and time, negotiating culturally between African and Western influences and between the traditional and the modern: always open to new innovations and ideas while firmly rooted in a deep lineage. This openness has informed recent collaborations with a wide range of producers and writers, including Pat Thomas, Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Nubiyan Twist, Afriquoi, David Walters, iZem, GUTS, La Yegros and many more, as well as being the front man for Onipa.
He will launch his third album on GUTS’ Pura Vida / Heavenly Sweetness on September 13th 2024.