Larson (BE) – Hi Scores

Selector and producer Larson has diversified his roles and accumulated extensive experience in the music scene over the past 15 years. Based in Liège, he has served as a promoter for various party projects, including Telefunk, Unrhythmic, and currently, Excursion. A regular presence on Kiosk Radio, Larson has also established his own label, House Running, and is currently curating for La Nature Festival.

In recent years, Larson has dedicated time to hosting renowned artists such as Rick Wilhite, Hunee, Masalo, Mendel, Mr Ho, Vincent Floyd, AliA, Identified Patient, Zaltan, San Soda, and Jakob Korn in Liège. His performances have spanned across notable venues, including C12 in Brussels, La Rotonde Stalingrad in Paris, Collect Radio & Lounge in Lisbon, Mauke Club in Wuppertal, Cube in Dusseldorf, and many more.

During Covid, Larson finally spent time in his studio, resulting in different releases on Social Distancing C12’s digital label, Bardouin Music (FR) and his album debut, Interlace Joy Motions, a double EP on Kong’s new label Hi Scores, out in October 2022. Larson aims to add his own touch to the culture, pushing forward his unique blend of atmospheric and hypnotizing house music.

A genuine homage to house music, Larson shares his perspective on the ever-present dance music genre, delving deep into its roots. Establishing connections with some of the genre’s most revered innovators like Larry Heard, Boo Williams, Ron Trent, Chez Damier, or Chris Brann, the Belgian producer pays tribute by infusing his distinctive touches. Creating an uplifting atmosphere, he occasionally targets the dance floor, while at other times, he provides a soothing experience for the listener in a laid-back vibe. Larson doesn’t actively seek attention but effortlessly captures it with his graceful sounds, stripped down to the essentials and built on an intuitive foundation.