Oswèla (FR)

“We come from a universe where body and head mind have remained connected with each other. And we come to share this with you …”

Oswèla is the gathering of 5 dancers, musicians, who are passionate about jazz, hip hop, house and Afro-Caribbean music.

In 2020, they decided to get together to jam and create music that reflects their influences: music that grooves and makes you want to dance. To create a unique project, where different forms of expression of underground culture are put together, such is the wish of Oswèla.

Building on the success of their first live show at the Petite Halle de La Villette (Paris), at the Solar-Scène de Jazz (Saint-Étienne) and the New Morning (Paris); the 5 “Space Dancestrumentists” wish to develop scenic writing where the “dancers” and “musicians” labels merge to become one.